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Our plumbing services

Includes but not limited to:
Leaking tap reparing/replaceing, water heater/geyser reapir/replace, Isolate and repair overflow problems, Shower, water miexer, shattaf installation and repair service, Toilet repairs in case of blocking, leaking or not flushing properlly, Sink repair, installatin and leakages fixing

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Sanitary plumbing

Includes maintenance and change of pipes that have water leaks, changing and installing a water heater, maintaining and changing all types of mixers, dismantling and installing the toilet and sewage cycle, wiring and opening sewage and sewage systems, as well as the best chemicals that can interact with any type of blockage inside the sewage.

Water heater repair

The water heater is one of the madetories,
By the frequent use, you will get a calcification inside the heater, which leads to blockage of hot and cold openings and water leakage.

Toilet Maintenance

The water cycle needs a frequently maintenance to ensure that the water flows correctly with no leakage or blockage
Your toilet may be clogged with dirt and improper water drainage, which leads to a flood and not draining water properly.

Available colors

We provide a broad variety of colors, patterns and looks As well as prices Making it easier

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