AC services we are providing

1- AC Installation
2- Filling the air conditioner gas
3- Replace/install thermostat
4- Clean the air conditioner filters

5- AC repair services and  AC duct cleaning

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AC installation

We proud that we are recognized as the best provider of AC service in Dubai

We are using equipment from leading manufacturers within the industry, including Mitsubishi, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Daikin and Fujitsu.

AC service

TARTIBAT is the number one AC service comany and air conditioner repair in Dubai.
Specialists in the development of AC maintenance plans for any environment.

We have the expertise to complete all types of AC maintenance including but nit limit to AC gas charging, AC duct cleaning, AC filter cleaning, AC cleaning service etc.. and unrivalled experience in developing maintenance plans to suit any environment.

AC repair

Ready to response on emergency breakdown scenarios as one of the best air conditioner maintenance AC cleaning service copmany.
We know that you need reliability and a quick response at a price within your budget

Available colors

We provide a broad variety of colors, patterns and looks As well as prices Making it easier

For more information or to get a quote for your project, office or home, please contact us.

We maintain and clean the internal air conditioning for public and private facilities, when the increase of dust and dirt in the air conditioning affect the effeciancy of the air conditioning by 70% and increast the elicetrical consumbtion as well
The presence of a person inside the house suffering from asthma may affect his health and his life as well.
Did you know this!
Frequantliy, you must clean the air conditioner, remove dust and dirt from it, and maintain it to give you the high efficiency and serve you in the summer.

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